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How to Design Your Own Embroidery Pattern

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Embroidery designs come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from large and complex for small and simple, with many variations in between. More detailed patterns are great for wall hangings, pillows, and other uses. But what about the smaller design simple? How can you work a little motif becomes a bigger piece of embroidery?

One way is to combine the pattern with other motifs to create designs baru.Tapi it can get a little overwhelming and complicated. Rather than trying to fit the pieces together and set them right, a simpler approach might just be the thing you need.
How to Design Your Own Embroidery Pattern
Getting Started with Your Repeating Design

How to Design Your Own Embroidery Pattern
Layout Ideas for Creating a Repeat

Choose one or two motives that you like (and which works just as well). Now, repeat desain.Ini easy. Okay, so maybe there is a little more to it, but it's the basic idea. Use the pattern several times, and it will fill the space nicely.

Start by printing multiple (or maybe a lot!) A copy of the motif. Cut them apart and then arrange them however you like. You may have an idea in mind right away, or you may need to try several options. When you have settled on a layout, you can transfer the design using your favorite method.

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