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Springtime Color Schemes to Try at Home

Artikel terkait : Springtime Color Schemes to Try at Home

Springtime Color Schemes to Try at Home
Springtime Color Schemes
Creating about a color display is one of the most stylish way to decorate: The key to choosing a color scheme to focus on a favorite color and then echo and offset with the perfect partner. From the fiery colors to calm blues, follow our rules for success:

Yellow is the color is not easy to decorate with, but if you do it right, can be bright yellow and spirit. Reduce heat strong orange color with gray cold. Here, the tongue-and-groove panel with color slightly softer than accessories life is cooperating with fresh-from-white on the wall to keep the mood calm and soothing calm.

  1. Use strong yellow with caution, limiting it to certain areas, such as the color of this powerful will easily overwhelm the room.
  2. Continue the color scheme by painting a few key pieces of furniture in the color you choose. Keeping the rest of the furnishings are fresh and pale or gray and natural colors.
  3. Choose off-white, gray, stone or sand color for most of the walls, floors and furniture to offset the dominant yellow.
  4. Introducing attractive accents with bold prints and patterns on cushions and throws.
Springtime Color Schemes to Try at Home
Springtime Color Schemes to Try at Home

A more contemporary choice than strong reds, orange works best when used in moderation – it makes a bold statement on a single wall, chimney breast or stairwell. Confined to an alcove, as shown here, it provides a striking background for a display of accessories. Add to the dramatic effect by partnering with strong geometric or tribal patterns but balance with plain natural materials and textures .

  1. Keep walls and woodwork bright white and use orange sparingly as an accent colour.
  2. Paint wooden floorboards a muted, neutral shade or opt for textured natural floorings in earthy colours. Top with bold rugs in browns or black and white geometric designs.
  3. Add distinctive furniture combinations, teaming pieces upholstered in unbleached linen with more ethnic items.
  4. Complement with boldly patterned accessories in lively reds or oranges.
  5. Painted wooden bench seat with floral and green colour schemes cushions

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