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How to Make Any Lamp Cordless

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How to Make Any Lamp Cordless

In order to configure its home office, Kelly of the views along the Way ran into what she described as a "temporary" problems for designers: Wired lights. Rather than working around an unsightly or cause a trip cord, Kelly and her husband know how clever, cheap to get rid of the problem altogether.

Check out this fun "after" photo. For those of us who have struggled with the ropes time and time again, he seems almost too good to be true.
How to Make Any Lamp Cordless

This hack should work on any lamp yg corded, and all it takes is a few simple ingredients below:
• Lamp • 9-volt battery or 8 AA batteries• 9-volt battery clip or an 8 AA battery pack• Wire strippers• Strand of LED lights• Soldering iron• Optional: Velcro and felt to cover the bottom of the lamp• [in the words of Kelly] Optional: brilliant husband
For step-by-step pictures, instructions, and links to buy the materials Kelly and her husband used, visit View Along the Way.

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